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East Chicago Lead Warning


It’s happening again. Lead poisoning from historic contamination, children’s lives irreparably harmed — in a Midwestern low-income community overseen by the same EPA office that presided over the Flint lead …

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Trespassing: Witnessing

Parking lot of the vacant Mack Molding facility in Pownal, Vermont, formerly Warren Wire Manufacturing. Presumed source of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) contamination in Pownal’s water supply. The air smells green …

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A Walk in Hoosick Falls

Forsaken storefronts line the street, mostly empty but for my reflection in the windows.  A few merchants remain — a children’s resale shop, a hair salon — glimpses of pride …

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Yellow Moral Hazard

Moral Hazard: It’s More than Economics, Stupid

I have spent much of my adult life trying to understand the science behind environmental issues. Like the cause-and-effect relationship between industrial effluent outfalls and subsurface contamination. Why, for example, …

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The 2014 Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature Awarded

From siskiyouprize.com: 2014 Siskiyou Prize Winner: Mary Heather Noble Ashland Creek Press is pleased to announce that New York Times bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler has chosen Mary Heather Noble’s …

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The Anxiety of Place

I recently finished reading Kristen Iversen’s book, Full Body Burden, and —even as a person familiar with the toxic secrets of government and industry— found the details of the Rocky …

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