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I was in New Jersey visiting family last weekend. We attended the 2017 Full Circle event at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center where my uncle lives, benefitting the facility’s …

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The Fact of a Penis

To the man who left a penis on the windshield of our van (an open letter): After the race and celebration, we returned to the van, and there it was: …

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Labor Day

A few months ago, my daughter’s friend was celebrating her birthday during a weekend soccer tournament. The girls all sang Happy Birthday to her after the last game of the …

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On Hiding

I am a self-conscious person. I am one of those people who hides behind her hair, because I have always been uncomfortable with people looking directly at my face. I …

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day. We spent the weekend camping, just the four of us. A long hike through the newly green forests of Vermont’s northern mountains. A 5-mile loop to the fire …

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#CNF Podcast Episode 43

Check out my conversation with Brendan O’Meara of the #CNF Podcast! We discussed the inspiration behind my latest piece, “Eulogy for an Owl,” (Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2016), and geeked out …

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Bay Path University’s 15th Writers’ Day

I am looking forward to joining writers Melanie Brooks, Bernadette Duncan Harrison, John Sheirer, and Dave Stern as a presenter for Bay Path University’s 15th Writers’ Day on Sunday, April …

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On Authority and Punishment

We’ve all seen the video. A few days ago, as Elizabeth Warren read the words of Coretta Scott King to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney …

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If There Were No Rules

When I first moved to the town where I currently live, I spent some time looking through environmental databases to learn about the dirty secrets of the town. I did …

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Science is a Refugee

So it’s official: the Electoral College has secured Donald Trump’s victory as the next President of the United States. Short of an underground act of rebellion, yesterday’s process went as …

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