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Memorial Day

Memorial Day. We spent the weekend camping, just the four of us. A long hike through the newly green forests of Vermont’s northern mountains. A 5-mile loop to the fire …

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#CNF Podcast Episode 43

Check out my conversation with Brendan O’Meara of the #CNF Podcast! We discussed the inspiration behind my latest piece, “Eulogy for an Owl,” (Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2016), and geeked out …

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Bay Path University’s 15th Writers’ Day

I am looking forward to joining writers Melanie Brooks, Bernadette Duncan Harrison, John Sheirer, and Dave Stern as a presenter for Bay Path University’s 15th Writers’ Day on Sunday, April …

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On Authority and Punishment

We’ve all seen the video. A few days ago, as Elizabeth Warren read the words of Coretta Scott King to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney …

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If There Were No Rules

When I first moved to the town where I currently live, I spent some time looking through environmental databases to learn about the dirty secrets of the town. I did …

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Science is a Refugee

So it’s official: the Electoral College has secured Donald Trump’s victory as the next President of the United States. Short of an underground act of rebellion, yesterday’s process went as …

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2017 Moravian College Writers’ Conference

I am so excited to announce that I will be a workshop presenter at the Moravian College Writers’ Conference, February 3-4, 2017. Please mark your calendars to join me and …

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Thanks, Food & Prayers

Thanksgiving, for me, has always been hard. Not the giving of thanks, per se, but the holiday itself. The mythology around this time of year. I’m sensitive to the history, …

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I haven’t publicly shared this story, but I will force myself to do it because the feeling I had then is revisiting me today. Last night, America chose a racist, …

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Love Does Not Equal Silence

Last weekend I took a trip to visit family, and to discuss, among other things, the long-term care of an ailing relative. As if that wasn’t emotionally charged enough, some …

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